About Us

Through our application Blood-assist, we try to find a nearest donor in minimum time, matching the receiver requirements at the blood bank where the receiver is looking for a transfusion. We have ensured that the unnecessary personal details of the receiver or the donor are not disclosed to all the users, thereby trying to minimize the disturbance for our users.

We know there are already many existing apps and websites which claim to find the donors in the area, but they are not very efficient and people often feel being disturbed unnecessarily by the receivers, as their contact numbers and addresses are publicly shared. Our app is designed in such a way that once the receiver confirms about the availability of the blood group at a blood bank and posts the request, we find the nearest available donors of that same blood group and notify them of the requirement, without sharing their personal details with the receivers.

Our process is quite simple - We allow multiple languages for our users. Upon login we gather the data of the users, such as their age, blood group, weight, location and last donation date. Whenever someone needs a blood transfusion, they will be provided by a blood bank name by their doctor. Once they confirm the availability of the blood group at that blood bank, the user can select their required blood group, country, state, city & blood bank name accordingly and post a request.

As soon as a receiver posts a request, we will send a notification to the registered users who are nearby the selected blood bank and have same blood group, as required by the receiver. The donor will have a choice to accept the request or to decline it. Only if, they choose to accept it, we will notify the receiver with their contact details.

Once the donor is found the receiver needs to close the request, so that we do not bother other users.

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